Monday, August 27, 2012

Mariners Blight Vindicator

“As I shivered and brooded on the casting of that brain-blasting shadow, I knew that I had at last pried out one of earth's supreme horors-one of those nameless blights of outer voids whose faint demon scratchings we sometimes hear on the farthest rim of space, yet from which our own finite vision has given us a merciful immunity.” 
 -H.P. Lovecraft

Next up for Mariners Blight Is a MKII style Vindicator

Just like the Rhinos & The Predator, I basically redetailed the whole kit overtop of the old chassis. I used Chaos vehicle bits and Baneblade bits to add a new level of detail to the old kit. I also used Kromlech Dozer Blades for something unique.

WIP images can be found HERE


  1. You are just cruising with this army! Cant wait to see some action shots of it on the table top...

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, man! The hazard striping really sets off the green of the rest of the model. Looks spectacular! At some point soon you'll have to do an army shot of what's been painted so far, can't wait to see 'em all laid out!

    Keep up the great work!