Monday, December 13, 2010

Haemonculi Coven Complete!

Here's my Third and Final Custom Haemonculi. Just like the 2 others, the core body is a classic male warrior with head, pistol & power weapon arms coming from the Kabalite Warrior Box.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Custom Dark Edlar Scourges

With my Dark Eldar Scourges, I wanted to make a unique unit that was identifiable as belonging to the New Dark Eldar Range, but a simple scratchbuild. I wanted something dynamic, that matched the fluff, looked like it belonged with the rest of my army, but was clearly not just warriors with jump packs or repainted Craftworld Eldar Swooping Hawks.

Custom Haemonculi 2

My second Haemonculi is very similar in design to the Haemonculi Ancient except for it's Male and has some different wargear. The core Body is a classic male warrior with pistol, knife and Agonizer arms coming from primarily the Kabalite Warrior Box.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Custom Haemonculi Ancient

The core body is a classic Female Dark Eldar Warrior with her Shiva-like arms made from left over knife/pistol arm bitz from both the Kabalite Warrior Box and the Raider Box. The Splinter Pistol has been modified with styrene rod & shapes to represent a Stinger Pistol based off of Jes Goodwin's sketches. The Husk Blade is from the Metal Archon figure attached onto a Kabalite Warrior arm.