Monday, September 27, 2010

Emperors Children Terminators

Emperors Children Dreadnought

Here's some painted pics of my Emperor's Children Dreadnought. Essentially, he is a plastic Marine Dreadnought with sheet styrene Chaos trim, a scratch built face and a Gundam hand for a Power fist.

Lucious the Eternal & Emperors Children Captain Painted Pics

Here's some painted pics of Lucious the Eternal & an Emperors Children Captain.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Imperial Hall of Judges

I made the core of the building using Pegasus hobbies Gothic building pieces, then added details like buttresses and lamps from the COD terrain pieces.

Chaos Barricades

Here's a few pics of my Chaos barricades. They were made from Armorcast skull / Bone piles, random GW bits from the battlefield accessories sprue, misc. tank pieces, backyard rocks and Corpse Cart bits. The base for each pile was thick sheet styrene with a felt bottom (so it doesn't leave marks on my table)

Imperial Waste Reclamatorum

Here's a few painted pics of one of my oldest Terrain pieces EVAR. This thing has been rebuilt, ravaged by a feral cat, dropped, cracked, painted & repainted. And now it's finished and done.....

Imperial Fountain

This fountain was made mainly from COD bits. The equestrian statue was made from anything in my bits box that looked archaic plus some new Chaos Knights bits with the evil chaos stuff shaved off of him. The intention was that he was some honorable hero from Pre-Imperium days that was allowed to still be revered on this City of Death.

Imperial Graveyard

Here's some painted pics of My Imperial Graveyard. Imperial graveyards are only for the richest and most noble Imperial citizens. Everyone else just gets cremated. Heh.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Severus The Infernal, Chaos Sorcerer Terminator Lord

Here's Some painted pics of Severus The Infernal a Chaos Undivided Sorcerer Lord.

The Origin of Tactical Dreadnought Armour: 60mm Base Challange Entry

Here's my winning entry form last years 60mm Base Challange hosted by Work In Progress

Slaanesh Stellar Stiletto (GI Joe Conversion)

How I converted a Cobra Command Stellar Stiletto into a Chaos Marine Flyer.

Death Guard Biker Squad Mors Mortis

In 3rd edition, one couldn't have Nurgle bikers, now you can.
Gave me the perfect op to use the awesome Ork bike models in a non-ork army.

Death Guard Chosen Squad Buboes

Lots of green stuff and spikey bitz were used to make this custom squad.

Death Guard Terminator Squad Pestilence

For my terminator squad, I wanted to do something different.

Death Guard Obliterator Thrush

He's a pretty standard Obliterator. Just a more Nurgle head swap, and some green stuff around the arm joints to blend them in more. Other than that, he's painted up the same way I painted the rest of my infantry. Many layers of washes over several base dry brush coats. Then details picked out.

Death Guard Rhino Transport

Here are some painted pics of my Nurgle Rhino. I really enjoyed painting this one. It was a good way to get nice and nasty with the inks.

Death Guard Land Raider

Here's some painted pics of my Death Guard Land raider.
The sponsons are scratch built to look more Heresy Era.
I've been working on this thing for years, now I finally finished it.

Plague Marine Squad 2, Aegrus Flax (Diseased Sickle)

In this squad, the guy with the flamer is def. my favorite. I made the flamer tip from a chaos biker head knot.

Plague Marine Squad 1, Immunda Ortus (Unclean Birth)

I decided to incorporate some old 3rd edition metal Plague Marines into this squad.
I really still love the old power armor. All they needed was updated shoulder pads and weapons to make them match.

Typhus, Host of the Destroyer Hive

What Death Guard Army would be complete without Typhus?

Dreadnought, Black Death

The dreadnought is a Forgeworld model displayed on one of my soon to be available bases from Tektonik Shift. Again, most of the touch ups here were inks, repainted the eyes / lenses, and rebased. I think I am finally getting the hang of painting lenses with a smooth transition.

Deamon Prince, Singultus (Death Rattle)

The Deamonprince is a wickedly awesome model from Ultraforge that was a gift from Kanis. This model really makes the army for me. I can't wait to field him.