Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dark Eldar Grotesque Conversions

So if you are a DE enthusiast out, then you are probably tired of the Break Dancing Bigfoot that GW shamelessly dropped the ball on hard.

EDIT: I have finished painting these models and they can be viewed: HERE

I spent hours debating on how I could make a theme appropriate unit of Grotesques. I was thinking the Rat Ogre route, then the Chaos Spawn route..but none of them seemed like a 100% great fit. All of them lacked the goth, man-corset,bondage, S&M stylishness of the Wrack figures.

Then I saw these guys, Hordes Everblight Warspears. Instantly I thought they were a perfect match due to how similar their armor is to GW's Wracks (which are awesome models despite the fact they are Finecast). The Warspears turned out to be the perfect size for an ogre type of unit so the rest was cake really.

What I did was use a ton of Talos bits and green stuff to make the conversions. On two of them it turned out to be an incredibly happy accident that the Warspear arms and Talos arms are identical in width around the bicep. This made converting so much easier. For each figure I sculpted the head and back first from green stuff, then added the appropriate plastic bits afterward to render each grotesque unique.

Once they are all painted, I'm sure the Wracks and Grotesques will look unified together on the field.

SideNote: I've joined the ranks of the MWC crew thanks to a gracious invite from Matt over there. My intro article should be up soon and in the next coming weeks I'll be having tutorial based articles going up. Exciting!


  1. Another cracking set of conversions! Inspiring!

  2. Amazing! That is some top-notch conversion work there, they are leaps and bounds better than the GW version. Delightfully creepy - can't wait to see 'em painted up!

  3. Very stylish and actually fitting with the themes of the Dark Eldar. I've been contemplating using spawn bodies, but quite frankly they don't really look the part and the two poses don't really help either. Cool if you only need 2-3 of the, but who'd stop there right.

    Superb work!

  4. Love to see all the imaginative use of bits and models you do.

    And great that you are going to start to write for MWC, they've been silent for a while.

    And I've sent a PM on the Dark City as well...


  5. Very nice. I have been holding off from making grotesques due to the one pose. Great work. I may have to borrow the idea.

  6. I think you just solved the grotesque problem, well done sir!

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  8. Wow!
    You've just made my mid up for me as to what army I will begin next.
    The price and the simple fact of Finecast for the Grotesques just killed me but this works and works very well in fact!
    Thank you for sharing this with us all and stoking the fires of inspiration for a new up and coming Dark Eldar player.

    Edit: Said Wracks instead of Grotesques.... my bad....

  9. They look excellent, they seem to fit in perfectly.

    Funnily enough I've been invited to write for WMC as well...I think my intro will be up in the some time soon as well, not actually decided on the first proper article though...

    Back on topic I'm looking forward to seeing these painted up.

  10. Great conversions it makes me want to start a DE army every time you post!! Also Congrats on joining the MWC team.

  11. These are brilliant! I bet they will become a standard conversion template for all dark eldar players out there looking for decent grotesques!

  12. Absolutly brilliant....
    That was exact the inspiration I needed for my own Grotesques.
    But as my Modelling skills are not as good I will use the upcoming VC Crypt Horrors Torsos (I don't care about the costs per Mini here) but the rest is a brilliant Idea.

    Thank you. ;-)

  13. Love these Grotesques. I started making some based on your idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. I think you have inspired a ton of people who dislike GW's Finecast models! Way to go. What a great idea.. :)

  15. Sir, these are masterful! The use of the Everblight models is absolutely perfect. You're kind of making me wish I'd used those as a basis for my own Grotesques.

    Instead, I started off with the now-discontinued Paulson Games Bioterror models:

  16. This is sipmly awesome. The air is almost dripping of evil

  17. How tall are those figs? I plan to buy a set for my 54mm Dark Eldar gang...

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