Sunday, November 27, 2011

Necron Week Post 3, Fun with Warriors & Scrap Crons!

Here's 2 units of warriors for my Necron Army. First the regular warriors can be simply modified to match the new plastics by using leftover Gauss tubes from Immortal Gauss Cannons. While I was at it I decided to swap the axe like blades with the bayonet like blades from the Gauss Cannons.

Necron Week Post 2, Custom HQ Conversions & Figure Posing

In this post I'm going to discuss simple and effective HQ conversions as well ways to pose the new plastic kits for maximum effect.

Anrakyr The Traveller

Necron Week Post 1, Scarab Swarm Bases

This week is officially Necron Week at Eye of Error! I will have 3 posts up all with new and cool Necron content! Let's start off with something I learned online and tried for myself.