Monday, January 24, 2011

The Court of the Archon

I've wanted to build a court for a while, but after extensive research into alternate figs for the Medusae and the Sslyth, I realized that I'd need to scratchbuild / convert most of it. In all the pics the bases are not finished and mold lines have not been fully cleaned yet.


For my Ur-Ghuls I wanted to elaborate on the fluff a bit and make something unique for my Army, so I came up with the concept that maybe the Ur-Ghuls are the result of Warriors failing or betraying their Archon. After the Warrior is caught in the act, they are turned over to the Haemonculi for a bit of "fun". Slicing them up, lobotomizing them, replacing higher-level brain functions with scent-pits and them sending them back to the Archon for "amusement". I mean what could be more fun for a twisted Archon than to watch those who fail him get turned into groveling senseless ghouls. :)

I used Vamp Counts Ghouls tops mixed with DE Warrior legs to achieve this effect. I chopped the tops of the heads to resemble the deamons from Constantine and used green stuff to blend the torsos to the legs ss if the Warrior was stripped down to the waist and shipped off to the Haemonculi.

Nothing too special here. Basically just harder looking Wyches. They were made with a combination of Wyche, Warrior and Hellion parts with left over Torment Grenade Launchers from a Ravager kit mounted on their back to represent Poision vials in stasis.

Based off the fluff description for the Medusae I realized that I would certainly need to completely sculpt them. I started thinking of Lovecraftian Cthulu ethereal creatures and that got me on the whole idea of floating Space Squid.

I sculpted the arms form green stuff with a metal floral wire center to allow me to bend it like a "natural" tentacle would. The diamond shaped hands were sculpted separately then added on at the end with some green stuff. The floating entrails were done the same way, but more "chunky" in texture rather than the smooth tentacles. The center spinal column was made with thicker black wire and styrene tube. I cut the tube into little ringlets and glued them to the wire spaced out like vertebrae. I then added some green stuff blob organs around it to match the fluff.

I made the head under the assumption that it would be some Dark Eldar artisian making the metal Helmet/Visor that contained their optic blast. I basically reference one of my favorite DE helmet designs (that already looked squid like) and scaled it up larger with a hint of Cylon Visor added.

I'm in the process of sculpting 1 more Medusae so I can have a full unit. Pics will be up in the near future.

Now these 3 were some extreme converting. I made them using mostly Warrior parts, some left over Hellion blades, Reaver Heads (for that Cobra Commander Look) and Tyranid Ravener tails.

The Tyranid tails were way to big initialy to use for the conversion, but after I cut off the upper portion, I realized I could green stuff the mid area to match the detail and blend in the Kabalite Armour upper torso with the organic Tyranid lower torso. Thankfully the Tyranid back scales were very similar in shape to the Kabalite Armour and it helped the transition become easier. I then added some extreme utility belts made form a collection of random bits I had left over from the rest of my DE army, mainly hanging weapons belts form the Raider/Ravager kits and hanging skull trophies from the Hellions.

Here's a picture of the Court all together.


  1. Man, I've already loved your Death Guard stuff, but THIS is some real blast! Great way of using all those different parts together! Love to see them painted...

  2. Thanks Kai!

    I plan to start painting them soon, I want to paint them for The Kabal of the Black Heart so they could be Vect's Court when they hopefully release a new Vect Figure in Wave 2. I'm just waiting for a Tutorial from Les Bursley.

    He said a few posts ago that Black Heart paint scheme tutorial is coming out and his other 2 Dark Eldar painting tutorials are sick awesome.

  3. Damn dude, the DE line was awesome to begin with, and you've made them look even better! I'm with Kai, going to be really cool to see some paint on these figs.

  4. Jeez, man...
    those are some lovely and inspiring kit bashes right there....
    Two thumbs up. I only wish I had more thumbs.

  5. I am speechless. This is some incredible work. Thank you for sharing this genuinely inspiring bit of modeling glory.

  6. Very Nice Work! The Snake and Squid monster are incredible!

  7. Awesome work! You've definitely taken some different interpretations with your court than I did with my own (, and I REALLY like what you've done. Great job all around!

  8. Thanks for all the compliments Everyone!
    As soon as Les Bursley gets that Tutorial up for the Kabal of the Black Heart, I will paint these bad boys up!

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