Sunday, November 27, 2011

Necron Week Post 1, Scarab Swarm Bases

This week is officially Necron Week at Eye of Error! I will have 3 posts up all with new and cool Necron content! Let's start off with something I learned online and tried for myself.

Recently I read Ron Saikowski's post over at FTW about how to make Forgeworld inspired Scarab Swarm Bases and I figured I'd give it a go. Check out his tutorial over HERE

I followed his tutorial but embellished upon it by adding lots of wonderful armor rubble for the scarabs to snack on. I tried to used bits that were clearly tank related in order to convey visually the entropic strike rule. I'm very pleased with the results and can't wait to finish painting them.

On Wednesday, Custom HQ conversions and posing figures for maximum effect.


  1. I really need to work on my GS skils cuz I need 93 bases for my Cron list and dont want to have to find all those Scarabs lol

  2. These look fantastic, LuckyNo.5! I really like all the extra debris you've added to the bases as well as the fact that you've got so many Scarabs swarming around on each one. Great work!

  3. You took what Ron showed us and improved on it. The rubble that the scarabs are scuttling over really drives home the swarm effect. I also like it that you didn't let the number of wounds per base restrict you on the number of scarabs per base. Awesome work.

  4. Thanks for the compliments everyone!

    I primed the bases yesterday and they look great. Can't tell the real ones apart form the fake ones.

  5. Looking excellent, I saw the original article but these are even better. The bases look more full and really give that 'swarm' feel.

  6. Brilliant work! Love the added terrain, it really sells it. Can't wait to see 'em painted up!