Monday, December 13, 2010

Haemonculi Coven Complete!

Here's my Third and Final Custom Haemonculi. Just like the 2 others, the core body is a classic male warrior with head, pistol & power weapon arms coming from the Kabalite Warrior Box.

 The Huskblade is from the metal Archon Blister. The Liquifier gun is a splice of a classic splinter rifle merged into a Tzeentch Pink Horror Arm. Splinter Pistol has been modified with styrene rod & shapes to represent a Stinger Pistol just like the the other two with the only addition being the underslung blade. The belt/tabbard/corset area was a combination of Classic Warrior Legs, Greenstuff, Kroot knives/ bags, Kabalite Warrior Tabard & WFB Chaos Maurader trophy skulls & hooks on chains.

I took a few pictures of the entire Coven. I primed the first two Haemonculi gray along with The new Urien Rakarth Figure.

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