Friday, December 3, 2010

Custom Haemonculi Ancient

The core body is a classic Female Dark Eldar Warrior with her Shiva-like arms made from left over knife/pistol arm bitz from both the Kabalite Warrior Box and the Raider Box. The Splinter Pistol has been modified with styrene rod & shapes to represent a Stinger Pistol based off of Jes Goodwin's sketches. The Husk Blade is from the Metal Archon figure attached onto a Kabalite Warrior arm.

The belt/tabbard/corset area was a combination of Classic Warrior Legs, Greenstuff, floral wire for the corset stitching, Kroot knives, Kabalite Warrior Tabard & WFB Chaos Maurader trophy skulls & hooks on chains.

Her head is a a Slaanesh Deamonette head sliced to fit within a Dark Eldar high neck piece. The Collar is a left over piece from a WFB Empire Battle Wizard. The Base is some slate along with 2 resin skulls I bought form a vendor on Ebay.

I have 2 more custom Haemonculi in the works and I can't wait to finish and paint all of them.

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  1. Very nice work! Good thought using a daemonette head for that little extra bit of disturbing without having to sculpt a head.