Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Custom Haemonculi 2

My second Haemonculi is very similar in design to the Haemonculi Ancient except for it's Male and has some different wargear. The core Body is a classic male warrior with pistol, knife and Agonizer arms coming from primarily the Kabalite Warrior Box.

The Liquifier gun is a splice of a classic splinter rifle merged into a Tzeentch Pink Horror Arm. I wanted it to look like an appendage grafted on rather than the main arm like on the classic Haemonculi figures. The Splinter Pistol has been modified with styrene rod & shapes to represent a Stinger Pistol based off of Jes Goodwin's sketches just like the Haemonculi Ancient.

The belt/tabbard/corset area was a combination of Classic Warrior Legs, Greenstuff, floral wire for the corset stitching, Kroot knives, Kabalite Warrior Tabard & WFB Chaos Maurader trophy skulls & hooks on chains. His head is form the new Wyche Box with a top knot form the Kabalite Warrior Box. The base is some slate along with 2 resin skulls I bought form a vendor on Ebay.

2 Haemonculi down, 1 to go.

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