Friday, June 20, 2014

Adepta Sororitas / Inquisition Land Raider

Part 4 in a series of articles showcasing an Adepta Sororitas & Inquisition Army I’ve been working on for a friend.


The Land Raider Crusader is highly converted, magnetized and pimped out. 

The extra armor is from Forge World, but it is modified with frag launcher on the front. The old Forge World armor add-on featured some soft detail on the sides, so I replaced the icons with crisper newer sculpts. The gunner has a Grey Knight helm to carry on that Inq. feel and the weapons are all magnetized for a variety of build outs. 

My friend has some really cool OOP Inq decals which I used on the sides of the tank and the interior is full painted as well.


  1. These vehicles have all been spectacular. I'm excited every time you post a new one!

  2. The level of detail on this is amazing.

    It's truly a work of art!

  3. That is just the business! Phenomenal work, man!

    ...And people say *I* paint quickly. :)

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