Monday, June 30, 2014

Cheap & Easy Miniature Figure Workbench Storage

So I had a freakout this weekend due to my workbench being an unorganized mess. I needed an effective, cheap, space saving solution and this is what I came up with.

Target sells these cube storage units:

I took one of those and create Curio style storage boxes from Black Foamcore & Hot Glue.

Here’s a diagram with measurements for the shelves

On Standard 20” x30” Foamcore sheet, you can fit 4 shelves.

Look at all that mini storage!

Nice, Cheap, Organized, and Wife Approved Miniature Storage.


  1. Beats my "Pile everything on the kitchen table" storage system!

    I didn't choose the bachelor life, the bachelor life chose me!

  2. "Wife approved" <-THIS!

    FTW, can wait to tell to my wife! Thanks!