Friday, June 27, 2014

Legio Fureans Dark Mechanicus Planning for the Future.

So I’ve been racking my brain for something that will make my upcoming Dark Mechanicus different from the standard armies I’ve seen. Then while reading Horus Heresy Book 3 and stumbling upon the Legio Fureans I was like “Hallelujah!” 

This legion was from a distant Forge World constantly in battle and didn’t come into the imperial fold until about 50yrs before the crusades. They were also one of the first Legions to join the Warmaster and their ancient evil shamanistic practices were the basis for the corruption that created the Dark Mechanicus years later.

The orange, and black flame pattern mixed with all the occult iconography caught my attention and I will be painting my entire Dark Mechanicus Heresy-Era Army in this pattern.

Before I paint an army I make a photoshop comp as a color reference.I’m posting some of my Legio Fureans comps of what they will look like once painted. 

In the works I have: 
1 Magos on a custom Abeyant
1 Enginseer
10 Tech Thralls Las Locks
10 Tech Thralls Mitralocks
6 Thallaxi
3 Ursarax (Thallax with lightning claws :)
3 Myrmidon Secutors
3 Myrmidon Destructors
4 Castellex Battle Automata
1 Knight Titan (GW Kit)
1 Knight Lancer (Dreamforge Leviathan Mortis Resin Kit)
1 Thanatar Siege Automata

1 Krios Venator

(I don't have a particular list in mind, just painting a lot of awesome models and will make various lists later on)


  1. Yeah... That is so fucking cool!

    Love the color scheme! The design of the banners and insignia is spot on.

    1. I didn't design that banner, but I will be designing ones similar for all the war machines. I'm also going to get a seriously awesome custom decal sheet ALPS printed for he army. It's gonna get real son!

  2. Lovely stuff, I can't wait to see the lovely digital paint jobs make it onto the physical models : )

  3. Bah! I name thee traitor!!!! But they will look totally awesome, still...TRAITOR!!!!