Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sons of Horus Fire Raptor Gunship WIP

“When the traitor's hand strikes, it strikes with the strength of a legion.”

Here’s a lovely project I’ve been working on in conjunction with my current commissions.

This Forge World Kit is a beauty albeit, a bit troublesome to put together in a few areas. Nothing some persistence and putty can’t fix.

I went a bit nuts on the brass etched SOH insignia and had to shave off imperial aquilas all over the place on here. The rotating mechanism on the turrets is magnetized and the from banner area is a nice custom addition. The main pilot is a conversion from several misc. Heresy-era bits I had laying around.

The base is modified from a Dark Arts Miniature Lava flying base. For all my SOH I’m going for a “Pompeii” type theme; a once great city laid low by orbital bombardment. Now that city is a bunch of Slag with SOH forces coming in to finish off the job. A couple random statue heads or remnants of pillars floating in the magma.

My intention is to paint this with a "Meaner" looking version of the SOH army colors. A bit grittier, a bit more banged up with Cythonian and chaos glyphs on it. The engines will have a Blue OSL and the consoles on the gunners and pilot will also have a Blue OSL effect.


  1. Looks like this Fire Raptor is off to a great start!

    The Heresy Era/Chaos version is definitely the one to run due to the auto-cannons it has. I had the opportunity to fight the Space Marine one with the Heavy Bolters, and it wound up not being able to do much vs my Iyanden Army due to them being Strength 6.

    Totally looking forward to seeing this completed!

    1. The auto-cannons also look way cooler. :)

    2. Totally!

      I'd pick one up for myself for my Night Lords, however the Caestus Assault Ram seemed to fit their theme better, and their chapter tactics limit the Heavy Support to one slot.

  2. It's not too late. Go loyalist! ;)