Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sons of Horus Fire Raptor Gunship WIP Update

I’ve have the first couple layers of paint airbrushed on.

Let me tell you this SOH Greenish color is the most troublesome color I’ve ever dealt with. One step to far on the Green and it’s like a Slamanders color. One Step too far on the blue and it’s Space Wolves.

The base is grey primer, then Privateer Press Trollblood base with a 15% Yellow added to green it up. Then the same color with a bit of black added to shade it in the recesses. Then it was followed by a thinned layer of Vallejo Translucent Green. Finally a light coat of the Trollblood base color was sprayed followed by a final highlight spray of Trollblood base color mixed with light grey. After the base color was established I started spraying the black areas and extreme weathering.

What you see here is about 50% painted. There will be tons of detail painting, more weathering, and an oil wash before the final hull color is achieved.

Previous progress pics can be seen HERE


  1. Niiiiiice! Really dig the green you ended up with, looks fantastic! Can't wait to see more of the raptor!

  2. That's like the perfect base color for the Sons of Horus. Really, really nice.

    I Think that this is going to be an awesome piece. It's such a cool model!

  3. As a SOH player im with you on the colour mixing. Ive used Vallejo german german cammo extra dark green, mixed with Vallejo USMC green... the end result is fairly similar to the colour youve ended up with.

  4. That's a great green, almost a patina emerald color. Looking forward to continued progress!

  5. Thank you for the recipe! I'm thinking of a Heresy era contingent of marines and this should work perfectly with it. Can't wait for the result!