Monday, October 4, 2010

Slaanesh BFG Chaos Repulsive Class Cruiser

Here's some painted pics of my Chaos Repulsive Class Cruiser. I made a few modifications to the model to make it more unique.

On the Command Level, I re-sculpted the front viewport to be a large single screen and I chopped the clunky Chaos symbol off the top and replaced it with a Skull form A COD tile. On the dorsal gun deck, I chopped off the molded in turrets and replaced them with some plastic turrets at a 45˚ angle. I though it made it look less static. On the Engine level, I added Armorcast plasma weapons cinematic effects to simulate plasma engine exhaust, and I flipped the ventral fin around to make it look more menacing; as if it was coming at you and not moving away.

The over all color scheme is based off my Mark of Slaanesh and matches the rest of my In progress fleet.

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