Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dark Eldar Black Dragon Finished!

Is that a Dragon with freakin Disintegrator Cannons on it?...

Yes it is! I finally finished It! A bit on the Backstory:

I envision him as kind of Dark Eldar Large Game Catcher. Someone that on raids to exotic worlds captures strange beasts for sale or trade when he gets back to the Dark City. He sells these beasts to the wealthy elite for their private eclectic zoo's and personal hunting grounds. In doing so he aligns himself with the most wealthy and powerful Kabals and always gets a favor in return somewhere down the road. It might be an odd job, but eh, it's a living

During raids he only uses the biggest most bad ass of all the beasts he's ever captured as his personal steed. With the help of a Coven that he did an unusual and exceptional job for a few centuries ago, was able to augment the beast with cybernetics and a neural transmitter that allows him complete control and a telepathic mind link. Only the best of the best for this guy.

Unpainted pics can be found HERE


  1. Great idea, and a fantastic paintjob too! Really inspiring work

  2. Looks incredible. I love the pose on the dragon. Beautiful model.

  3. That is so cool. Nice narrative bit of work on the base there too.

  4. That is absolutely epic! I loved the build stage and I've really been looking forward to seeing this all painted up - As usual you went far beyond expectations. Beautiful work, man!

  5. Just perfect... I have not words...

  6. Wonderful work! Love how the wings and electric eyes turned out!