Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nurgle Army for Sale. Own a Piece of Eye of Error History!

The Warhammer 30K bug finally sunk it's teeth in. I've been waiting some time to hop on the Horus Heresy Boat. I was waiting for enough unique models to be released for the Sons of Horus before I commited an investment into it and now the time has come.

The new Contemptor Dread is what pushed me over the edge… I mean look at this thing, It's Beautiful!

Well anyway, to get the SOH force I want I need to dump a lot of money and since I've been purging a ton of old minis lately, here's another round. I'm selling all my Nurgle forces, except one that was a gift and still a favorite figure of mine.

Sadly I haven't gamed with these guys in years and my Mariner's Blight Models are kinda like the 2.0 version of this army anyway. These are all pro quality mini's, highly converted and the Rhino was even featured in the Best of Coolminiornot 2009.

I'm a bit sad to see these guys go, but I want to move onto some larger grander projects without having my wife flip on me for spending a grand on resin soldiers :)


  1. Very cool! Really looking forward to seeing what you do with the Sons of Horus - best of luck with the auctions, man!

    I was terrified that you were selling off the Mariner's Blight...

    1. Thanks man. I would never sell Mariners Blight. Not after the couple thousand hours I spent on them :P

      Plus they are not even finished yet! Heh.

  2. Good to know you're not sellingoff the Mariners Blight but still! it's a shame to see you part with models you put so much into (and got such great results on).

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