Thursday, June 19, 2014

Adepta Sororitas / Inquisition Exorcist

Part 3 in a series of articles showcasing an Adepta Sororitas & Inquisition Army I’ve been working on for a friend.

This tank is a Forge World kits with additional details added such as the arched headlights and converted loud hailer. The interiors are fully painted and the cupolas are magnetized.


  1. Absolutely lovely. What a beautiful army your friend is getting!

  2. I love how each unit is uniquely customized. They all have individual character and are so well done!

  3. Must say I've never been tempted by the SoB, but damn, your tanks sure do look fine. I like that they aren't "just" well painted, but all the detail you added really personalizes the models and sets them in character.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I've always loved that FW Exorcist model, never could quite get behind the "I'll kill you with Toccata and Fugue" model. :)

    Awesome stuff, man - really been digging seeing this army come together!